The wedding that almost didn’t happen.

Imagine the perfect couple, with an unforgettable love story. 

From day one Lisa and Dave were our ideal couple, with a love story that would melt your heart. Lisa hired us, for our wedding management service, aka day of coordination. Lisa knew exactly what she wanted, which made the planning process with the assistance of our management service, seamless. The P Scott Bride, selected her linens, floral and stationary. We managed the budget, payments and all contracted vendors.

Although Lisa had access to our wedding management service, from the moment they signed the contract. She handed over the reigns 12 weeks prior to the big day. Like with any other bride, we continued the process and began to finalize all their details.  We recommend the Precise Bride, wedding management service for those brides whom have planned their wedding down to the last detail. Brides love the ease of no worries on wedding day.

I know you’re asking yourself, what went wrong. Everything seemed to be running smoothly. You’re absolutely correct. Everything was running smoothly, until the day before wedding day.  Our P Scott Bride, decided to book an untraditional reception venue space. Therefore, we had to rent everything from our preferred vendors. We had thousands of dollars in rentals being delivered.

I received a phone call from our groom, with a screaming frantic bride in the back ground; stating the State of New Jersey has been shut down and we will not have access to the space tomorrow for the wedding day.  Yes, you read it correct, the State had shut down. The reception venue was an historic building, owned by the State.

Its Friday at 4pm, the day before the wedding day. The rental company just arrived on site, about to unload. We have other components to the wedding, that will also arrive shortly. Meanwhile we need to find another space for our couple to have their reception, for 160 guests. This was not a short order task, we ran through our contact list and made this happen.  We found a reception site within 30 mins. We resolved the issue, called our couple and notified all vendors involved.

Although our P Scott Bride was in distress for the moment, we handled the stress and the task. The new space was just as beautiful at the original space, with the same character as the historic building.  Needless, to say the wedding went off without a hitch.

Lisa and Dave valued the service, expertise and experience of the wedding day management service. Because of our contacts and expertise, their wedding went on flawlessly.  Our Bride was beautiful and Dave made a handsome groom. They now have another chapter in their love story.

Ask about the P Scott Bridal Experience, we handle the not so fun stuff.

Trenton, New Jersey Bride

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