about us

P Scott Events is an event planning boutique that specializes in unique and elaborate weddings and events. We are a premiere planning and design boutique servicing New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to create memorable weddings and events through personalized décor and custom design. Our event designers are natural visionaries with an edgy, modern and elegant sense of style.

Our wedding planning services are tailored specifically for each couple. We utilize experience, expertise and style, along with our wedding planning tool to create and manage the wedding you've dreamed of. We understand how important this day is to our couples, and we take pride in every wedding we manage.

Our Philosophy: we handle the not so fun stuff, while you enjoy your event. We plan your wedding together.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, dinner for 2, children celebration or a milestone event; P Scott Events will WOW you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. We Execute Events!


meet the team

Hello There, I am Dale Scott, Creative Director and Senior Planner

at P Scott Events.


I guess I should tell you a little about myself. Well, I am a lover of all things sparkle, a real girly girl. I realized my true passion, after planning events for friends and family, over 12 years ago. I became so head strung, I wanted a legit business, so therefore I became a certified wedding planner and event design professional. I am now known as Trenton’s New Jersey's premiere event planner, constantly in demand. That's a big deal right?

Planning and designing comes natural to me. I absolutely love the rewarding feeling I get when I see a bride smile or when a client is so happy their in tears. I am honored, to plan life-changing events for clients.

However, I should get back to telling you about me; this is so difficult to do!

Well I can begin by saying, I am a mother of 4 beautiful daughters, which their initials are designed in the company logo. They're my inspiration; in the beginning stages of my business my daughters and my husband were the workers/coordinators. Funny right, but it's true; it was and still is true family affair. They're so dedicated to helping me live my dream. I also have an awesome husband, he and I were high school sweethearts. We are married for over 17 years now; together 23 years; go figure. He is totally my best friend, backbone and number one supporter. He has pushed me to be great!

What else can I say? I am really just a girl who decided to go for it. I used my abilities to create a business; I love and adore. I am a true believer in the laws of attraction. I love marriage, I love people, and I love celebrating life. I love, love; all aspects of it.

Now that you know a little about me. I would love to get to know you and hear all about your fabulous wedding or event. Let’s chat; email us info@pscottevents.com

Fun Facts
  • Dale has a secret love affair with shoes.
  • She loves lounging around and spending time with her Husband and Daughters.
  • She is obsessed with The Cheese cakes Factory ”Sweet Tamales Cakes”


  • She is sort of a crybaby
  • Her favorite color is black, but she has now fallen in love with coral
  • She carries a tool chest, with real tools.

Meet Sade

Lead Event Coordinator

Sade has worked in the field of communication and customer service for the last ten years. Sade attended Burlington County Community College, located in Pemberton, New Jersey where she worked on an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts.

She has volunteered in several community events in the musical department. She continues to strive for personal and professional growth in herself by committing to her current career of choice in the retail industry.

Sade finds the work she does as fulfilling because it gives her the opportunity to utilize her customer service skills as she is a natural people person and enjoys meeting new people and providing assistance as needed.

Prior to her career with P Scott Events, Sade participated in numerous professional theatrical shows and performed in local community based concerts During her spare time Sade enjoys reading books, attending community events and volunteering in the community.

Fun Facts

  • Sade Loves to Sing
  • Sade is now part of the Left hand bling
  • Her favorite color is Purple

  • She loves scary movies
  • Her favorite foods are seafood and sushi
  • She is big on family love spending time with them.
  • She loves football and is a diehard Eagles fan

Meet Laura

Lead Wedding Planner and Coordinator

Graduate of Strayer University, with a business degree. Mother of 2 amazing kids and stepmother of 3.  Wife to an amazing Partner. Family is number one to Laura. In her free time she loves to visit different restaurants and listen to music.

Laura has had many obstacles in life that she conquered head on. To finally find her soul mate, someone she has been waiting for her entire life. Laura made the decision to move back to the Garden State, from Florida in 2014; to give her new relationship a chance. 2016 Laura and Griselle were married.

Being in a same sex marriage is not so easy. Faced with everyday struggles, people often judging or asking rude questions; even to their kids. But Laura remembers something her daughter said to them, on their wedding day.

 “I won, I have 2 mothers and 1 father, I am a happy kid and nothing in this world will change that”

Fun Facts

  • Laura loves shoes
  • Pepsi is her best friend
  • She loves to laugh

  • She has a love- hate relationship for red roses
  • Her favorite color is Royal Blue
  • She loves football, Steelers are her Fav!!!!

Meet Shirmel

Associate Event Coordinator

Shirmel is a mother of three kids & grandmother to two precious grandchildren.  Being a mother is an honor to Shirmel. She is a lover of God and truly believes in prayer.

Shirmel loves the wedding and events industry, she feels her personality is perfect for it. She enjoys chatting and encouraging people. She loves to help others and make them smile. Shirmel thrives on being professional and prompt which is huge in the industry. Shirmel gets it done!


Fun Facts

  • Shirmel is a fitness guru
  • Shirmel LOVES to dance
  • The team calls her “Sergeant Shirmel”

  • She loves posing for the camera
  • She will hold a conversation with anyone
  • She is big on energy and what it attracts